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We can realize and create volumes of any shapes, sizes or materials made from drawings or ideas of artists or designers. The knowledge and engineering capabilities of Haligon Fine Art offer great technical solutions for the most High Tech projects.


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Haligon Fine Art
Haligon Fine Art enlarges or reduces your works thanks to a state-of-the-art 3D Pantograph. Enlargements are usually made out of Styrofoam, and then are coated and finished to meet the artist's requirements.


Enlargement 5 times in Styrofoam - Baby Foot Enlargement 5 times in Styrofoam - Pinocchio Olivier on the Pantograph
Reduction 2 times in hard plaster - Gainsbourg Enlargement 2 times in soft plaster - Adenauer Reduction 3.5 times in hard plaster - Cesar Enlargement 5 times in Styrofoam - Greek Antique

Molds are made from an artist’s original model or sculpture. Our experienced craftsmen use a variety of materials
(silicone, plaster, polyester) to suit the specific needs of each project.
Mold and Cast

Silicone Skin Making the plaster shell
Silicone Skin Plaster Shell with Steel Frame

Once the mold is made, we can make castings in plaster, resin/fiberglass, synthetic stone, concrete or bronze –
depending on budget and needs.
Assembling the fiberglass casts Cameleon Paint Spraying Lacquered Plaster Column

Castings can be finished in variety of ways, such as a patina or the endless possibilities offered by paint
(satin, flat, glossy, gradient…).

White Paint   Painted according to the Artist’s model Metallic Polyurethane Paint

We built metal sculptures and sctrutural frames for monumental sculptures. From the welding to the finish artwork.

Stainless Steel Sculpture mounted Painted Sculpture Rotating Mural in Stainless Steel
Metal Frame inside a Cast Metal Frame for outside Monumental Panel


The Haligon Family has restored pieces of art for artists, museums, public and private collections for over 150 years. We restore monumental pieces (Dubuffet, Houston TX) as well as smaller pieces (Shark, F.X. Lalanne).

Ask for an estimate to get your art work back to its original state!


Jean Dubuffet, “Monument Au Fantome”, 1983 Houston, Tx. Restoration on Site in 2000

Roy Lichtenstein, “Mermaid”, 1979. Restoration on site in 2000 for the City of Miami Beach, Fl


Niki de Saint Phalle, Private Collector. Restoration in 2007

Edgar Negret, “Cueva”, 1986. Restoration in 2012

Jean Dubuffet, “Teapot”, 1967. Restoration in 2010

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